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Christian Sandstrom is born in Vaasa, Finland in 1972. He has been working as an actor, director, producer, writer, conceptual director, artistic director, theatremanager, pr&marketing,and setdesign with theatre and musicals ever since he graduated from TheatreAcademy in Helsinki 1996. In films and tv-series he has mostly been working as an actor as well as producer and 2nd. assistant director.


SKAM Theatreversion Finnish premiere 2.10.2019. Based upon the popular Norway original tv-series from NRK..

Selected work as actor, director, producer

SKAM theatreversion 2019, executive producer
Noora Karma Magic&Wonder 2018, producer
Blondi tuli taloon 2018, director, concept
Sven Tuuva -musikaali 2017, conceptualproducer
Myllymestarin tytär 2017, writer, original idea
Meidän Suomi 2017, writer, original idea
Kuka pelkää Virginia Woolf? 2016, director
Niskavuoren Heta 2016, producer
Grease musikaali 2015, director, producer
Pesulan likat 2015, producer
Niin kuin taivaassa 2014, director
Tähti ja sen sisko 2014, producer
Killer Joe 2013, producer
Siltalan Pehtoori 2012, director
Piukat paikat- musikaali 2012, director
Aina joku eksyy 2011, producer
School Musical 2008, actor

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