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Voicebooks Äänikirjat Ljudböcker since 1995

Christian has a long experience in reading voicebooks. He started already 1995 in a small studio in Vaasa. He has also an actors education and attended a lot of courses in voiceacting. Most of the finnish and swedish voice books, novels, short stories and true-crime he read is published on platforms as Bookbeat, Storytel and others. He has also done studymaterial published by Otava. Languages spoken: swedish, finnish, english, german. Lines in norwegian, danish, german, french, spanish and american-english is availeble. Christian also talk different dialects such as finnish-swedish Ostrobotnia dialects. Some voicebooks examples include Lars Sund trilogy Colorado Avenue, Don Winslown Rikkinäiset, James Lee Burken Taivaan vangit, Arthur Conan Doyle Toisen tahran tarina. Some of the titles you can find here:  

Some of the voicebooks read by Christian Sandström

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